Sponsoring a dog help KGR help the dogs who just cannot find a home.  You can donate a small monthly amount and be part of their family.  We will keep in touch every few months to  let you know what they have been up to and what adventures they have had.  Plus special photos to show how much they are enjoying their life.  You can join Princes family below.

Prince arrived at KGR in 2018.  He was approximately 10 years old and had a very sad past.  He had lived with someone that was hoarding too many dogs.  He was terribly thin and desperate to be loved.  He had never had anything of his own before.
Prince quickly found his way out of kennels and into a foster home after making a very big fuss about a very small injury. He put on lots of weight and turned into a large and very proud dog.  He is certainly a deerhound cross and is a very heavy boy.  Prince is a very handsome dog indeed and had enormous numbers of applications to give him a forever home.
Prince has been such a loving dog but his history has brought some challenges.  Because he didn’t have enough food or any belongings of his own, he does resource guard people and food and objects. This is all very easily managed by keeping soft toys and treats out of his reach, but has meant that it has been very hard to find him a suitable forever home.
Poor Prince has a phobia about being examined by a vet (or anyone really), but through a process of elimination we eventually worked out that he suffers from back pain.  This also affects his mood, but he is now comfortable and his pain is managed by two different pain killers.  He is also deaf and has poor eyesight ….. neither of which bother him.
Prince now lives permanently with his foster mum, where he knows he is loved.  He still wants to go for a walk every day and gets very excited.  She takes him to lots of new places for adventures, but his favourite walk by far is a trail around the local bins and lampposts!  He also likes to eat his favourite yak milk bars (safety in his crate), and have cuddles on the sofa.
Prince has been foster brother to lots of KGR dogs.  They all quickly learn not to be offended when he is grumpy.  He is the toilet training guru and likes to bustle everyone out and back in again once they have been for a wee.  Everyone needs to have a passion in life …. and Prince likes to keep track of social- media and up-to-date with his pee-mails.
We are proud to be able to look after Prince.  Humans are the reason he cannot be homed ….. but we can still give him a future ♥️
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