HRH Dora

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HRH Dora

What can we say about Dora?  She is very fabulous and very naughty in equal measures and to keep her safe, we made the decision to keep her within the rescue.

Dora is the result of accidental breeding and a great example of why certains breeds should not always be allowed to produce puppies.  Her mum was a pedigree german shepherd and her Dad a lurcher (greyhound x bedlington terrier).  Her siblings all inherited a strong GSD or lurcher gene and behaved as expected.  Dora got the GSD guarding gene and the lurcher “free range” gene and they constantly work together to create the monster that she can be.

Under control Dora is perfect – if you meet her at an event, where the land is not yet hers – she will be fabulous.   That is because you don’t see the devil side of her when her GSD genes are resting.  If you were to walk into her home environment you would meet a totally different dog.   Her real problem is that she is really smart but she uses her intelligence in a devious lurcher way not a controlled GSD way.  So she will open windows and go for a wander – she can clear 12 foot fencing and she is very good at problem solving if you try to stop her – she will always find a way.  You might just think – that’s just like my lurcher and she’s in a home – the difference is Dora is a GSD in her own world – so when she goes walkabout she “owns” the location and this is when she has real potential to get into trouble as she guards and patrols land that is not hers.

We keep her safe – she has a wonderful life but it can be exhausting always being one step ahead of her.  But she is worth it – it’s not her fault she is the way she is – it is bad breeding.  We all love her and she has quite the following – even outside of Kent she gets recognised and people are always really pleased to meet her.

HRH Dora really thinks she is special so we treat her as the special girl she is.