The Next Chapter For Kent Greyhound Rescue: New Kennels And More!

At the end of last year, as we celebrated our 15th year anniversary (you can read more about it here), we embarked on the next exciting chapter of our journey – the search for a larger base for our operations that would enable us to grow our rescue numbers and also create a community hub in Kent.

We have also asked for your help to raise sufficient funds for this great initiative, and we are happy to report that we are making amazing progress. Thanks to your generous donations and volunteering, we are on-track to secure new premises in the heart of Kent. We can’t wait to be able to tell you more about it!

KGR kennels

Clover LurcherThe new KGR headquarters will have kennels – it’s a must for our operations as they are the first arrival point for all our rescue dogs.

Each dog gets its own kennel space to make them feel safe and comfortable from the moment they come to us, and to get health checked and assessed. Every kennel space is clean, equipped with all the essentials, spacious and fully secure, and managed by professional staff. (You can read about all the steps of rescuing a dog and getting it ready for adoption in our blog here.)

It is also a convenient and secure space for the prospect adopters to view the dogs as well as have a chat with us about all things hound-related.

We have talked about the importance of these facilities in our earlier blog – click here to read all about it.

Volunteering opportunities

The new, larger premises with onsite kennels will provide us with a perfect base to run various volunteering projects all year round and grow our team of volunteers.

The initiatives we’ll be introducing include:

  • Group walks – taking the dogs for organised walks in the area. It’s a great opportunity to meet our dogs, get to know greyhounds better, spend time outdoors, meet new people and do some exercise. It’s true that walking is the best form of exercise, and it’s even more fun with a dog!
  • Individual volunteering – there will be plenty of jobs at our new base to assist with day-to-day operations, from looking after the dogs and their kennel spaces to administrative tasks and assisting with our online and on-premise shops.
  • Group volunteering – an opportunity for organisations and businesses to do various group activities, such as team building exercises, charity days, educational trips and other activities.
  • Volunteering at events – we’ll be running various onsite events throughout the year that will require help from volunteers, including planning and organisation in the run-up to an event and onsite support on the day.

If you have a passion for greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds (as well as dogs in general), skills and time to give, please become a KGR volunteer! There is an array of projects to choose from that require different skills, experience, abilities and resources – there is something for everyone. Click here to learn more.

Education and support

Nellie greyhoundOver 15 years of existence, we have accumulated so much knowledge, skill and expertise – and we want to share it!

Once we move to the new premises, we’ll start running various educational initiatives, including group talks, school trips and much more.

And, of course, we’ll be happy for people to drop in at any point during the working hours to have a chat with our hound experts, ask questions, get advice and learn more about KGR, our work, our dogs, and also about any aspects of dog ownership. We are here to help.

You’ll be able to meet the KGR dogs in person (the information about our dogs looking for homes is also available on our website here), experience first-hand how affectionate the sighthound breeds are, learn something new, and maybe even fall in love with a greyhound!

We will also be looking to expand our services to even more aspects of dog ownership, including dog training, grooming and day care. Stay tuned for more information! We’ll be publishing more details on these initiatives on our blog soon.


We have a wonderful online shop that has everything your dog might need, from leads and collars, to clothing and bedding, toys, food, and much more, but wouldn’t it be great to have a physical shop that you can browse? Well, our new HQ will have that!

We will have a well-stocked shop that you (and your hound) can pop into any time. Furthermore, we will have lots of donated items there too so you might be able to find something for yourself, your home and garden in our charity shop.

All the money raised from the shop goes to the KGR charity.

Creating local jobs

As we are expanding rapidly, we’ll be growing our team. There will be various job roles available, both part-time and full-time, remote and onsite.

KGR is committed to supporting the local economy and providing jobs to local people.

Community hub

The new KGR centre will have plenty of space – both indoor and outdoor – to become the hub for community and social events, such as craft fairs, fundraisers, festive gatherings, social activities and various get-togethers throughout the year.

In addition to our own events, we’ll also be partnering with local organisations and businesses to hold events. More information to come soon!

Help us make this a reality

We are continuing with our fundraising campaign to help us purchase the premises, and every penny raised goes towards KGR – we are a fully-compliant, registered charity so all the money is always accounted for.

If you’d like to help us, please donate to KGR. We are grateful for every donation, big or small.