Fluffy Lurcher

Sponsoring a dog helps Kent Greyhound Rescue help the dogs who just cannot find a home. It means these dogs can stay with us as long term foster dogs and live a long and happy life. You can donate a small monthly amount and be part of their family. We will keep in touch every few months to let you know what they have been up to and what adventures they have had. Plus special photos to show how much they are enjoying their life. You can sponsor Fluffy on this page but please also read all about HRH Dora and Zippy.

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Fluffy Lurcher

Fluffy is incognito as we cannot reveal his identity or his location. He is a VERY lucky dog who came to KGR via the police. His owners had allowed him to get into all sorts of trouble, despite being told to keep him under control, leading to his “arrest” and imprisonment for a few months. He was fully assessed by the police before being released into our care and he was given one last chance – he has a wonderful life as a long term foster dog but he lives under very strict conditions so he can never get into trouble again. The police would not have released him if he was any threat to the public but we have agreed never to risk anything happening again. He is a much happier dog when he doesn’t have to fend for himself and wander off on his own. He loves having humans who give him both boundaries and lots of cuddles.

He is not allowed out unless he is muzzled and on a harness and double lead – and he can never be off lead in a public place. And he has to always remain in our care (so we cannot rehome him).

Fluffy is only a 4 year old dog and he came very close to losing his life because of his owners. With his KGR foster family he has a really happy and fulfilled life. For legal reason we cannot show you a photo of Fluffy so this is his foster brother pretending to be him