This Weeks Roundup 25/06/23

We had a lovely time last Saturday at The Tickled Trout celebrating Loftyfest which was a fun day with good music and interest in many of our dogs.
We had Ralphy, Colin and Kevin from kennels plus Buddy from his foster home and later Slippers, Wilfred and Lionel leant their support. Plus Susie who has a home came along to help promote what great dogs greyhounds are! A grand total of £537.20 was raised for us from the event so thank you all who came and donated.
It is always good to get the dogs out to see how they get on in these sort of situations. Slippers had a lovely donation to buy him some toys which he has since tried and tested!


Tripaw Trev has been back to the vets and despite him having a good try at self healing by licking, is recovering well and speeds around on his 3 legs which give our volunteers panic attacks! He is a very loving greyhound indeed and ready to find a home now.

We decided to have a real push this weekend for the lurchers as we have 11 now. There has been loads of interest in Wilfred as all hairy lurchers generate but please don’t rule out the short coat lads and lasses as they all have lovely temperaments and will be just as great as Wilfred. Please help by sharing the posts with Lurcher friends and groups if you are unable to adopt at this time.
We had Flossie and Dobby arrive in the week together and also Simon (Barkfunkel) who was sporting homemade stitches on a shoulder wound. Unbelievable, well actually it’s not as there’s not much that surprises us anymore sadly.
Simon has been amazing, he’s such a sweet lad who is a bit bigger than whippet size and takes it all in his stride, never complaining about the lampshade on his head. He will be fabulous.

Daphne, Ivy, Harry and Boycey are our other lurchers looking for homes. Next week we will be back to showing you our lovely greyhounds that are looking for homes alongside the lurchers.

Next weekend we will be at The Spirit of Tenterden, Saturday walking around with some of our dogs and on Sunday we have the red tent up so come and say hello! Also look out on social media for which dogs we will have with us, handy if you want to meet one particular dog and they happen to be there.