It’s All Down To The Owners.

When you take on a new dog you must be prepared for a possible few mishaps along the way, especially in the early days. Our dogs are assessed as best we can but when they leave us the onus is on you. Think on it this way, you and your home is a completely alien environment to your new dog, they don’t know you at all!

It’s like you being dropped into a different home, town and with people you have never met and being told to just get on with it. It wouldn’t be easy would it?

The thing with most of greyhounds is that they are simply very very sensitive dogs, it’s just in their nature and the very reason lots of people love them. However if you push them too soon with new situations or stimuli things can go wrong.

Take for example Rio (she was called Rose when with us), now Rio went to a new home and within 3 hours, yes that’s right just 3 hours the people were wanting her returned as she was a little anxious. She did come back.
Moving forward her new owners have a very similar set up, working people and no other dogs. Yes Rio was unsure to start with and yes she did freeze on her walks BUT they didn’t give up, they took it slowly and at Rio’s pace. Walks to the end of the drive, then along the road, slowly slowly.

Now look at her, in the pub on a Friday evening! Honestly this little lady has developed into a funny, loving little pickle with a side of sass thrown in!
Everyone at the pub has to say hello to her and she is happy to be admired. She goes for lovely long walks now and is even doing agility.

How amazing and what a happy life Rio is now leading. Remember, don’t give up, give them time.