Casper’s journey to KGR – a very happy ending

There are lurchers everywhere at the moment – and too many are being found in shocking condition. Please meet Casper who is coming to Kent Greyhound Rescue very soon.

The photos below are hideous, so watch the video first, then you know he is fine and through the worst.

This is Casper (the white dog in the video below) in his current foster home (who have done all the hard work) before he moves to KGR for rehoming.

He is going straight into a foster home with us.


Sadly, his eye could not be saved – but he is fine, his pain has gone and he has adjusted to being a normal, very happy one-eyed dog. Casper is really good with other dogs and he loves people. He is just quite an amazing boy to have been in so much pain, which was caused by humans, yet he still loves and trusts them.

The photos below are when he first arrived 4-5 months ago – someone has deliberately done this too him, and then they abandoned him to fend for himself. He is still young, only 2-3 years old, so he has plenty of time to enjoy his life and to be a very much loved part of someone’s family.

He is a very lucky boy and we are very lucky to be the final part of his journey – the part where he gets his own very happy ending.

Casper arrives on 16th November and you can follow him on our social media pages after that date. We rehome all over the UK – please read the FAQs and the rehoming sections for more information.

***WARNING***  The graphic photos below many might find upsetting, so please proceed with caution! But we want to assure you that Casper has now fully recovered and is ready for a loving forever home.

KGR never abandons a mistreated animal. 

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