Kent Greyhound Rescue on a Mission to Create a Community Hub

As Kent Greyhound Rescue turns 15 this year, we are unveiling exciting plans for the next stage of charity’s growth. At the core of our strategy is the ownrship of kennels, which will be our new, larger and more efficient base in Kent. Moving from renting to owning is a big step and we are currently in the process of raising funds and finding the right kennels to purchase.

Why kennels?

All KGR dogs are accommodated, checked and treated at the kennels to begin with. The kennels are the first point from which they begin their journey to finding a new home and becoming a much loved pet. Kennels also give the dogs a safe, secure, clean and comfortable individual space to settle in and get used to the new environment and people.

You can read more here about the important role kennels play in the day-to-day operations of KGR.

We rescue around 200 dogs a year and our aim is to increase this number. The number of abandoned dogs is growing due the cost of living crisis as well as the change in people’s circumstances and lifestyle post-Covid. Our mission is to help as many abandoned hounds as possible.

And the more kennel spaces we have, the more rescue dogs we can bring into KGR.

More than just a safe space for dogs

In addition to housing rescue dogs, the kennels will also provide other essential services. They will be the heart of the KGR operations, for our team and the broader community.

It will give us a perfect base to run various volunteering projects all year round and expand our team of volunteers.

The initiatives we’ll be introducing include:

  • Group walks – taking the dogs for organised walks in the area. It’s a great opportunity to meet our dogs, get to know greyhounds better, spend time outdoors, meet new peole and do some exercise. They say walking is the best form of exercise, and it’s even more fun with a dog!
  • Individual volunteering – there will be plenty of jobs at the kennels to assist with day-to-day operations, from hands-on tasks of looking after the dogs and their kennel spaces to administrative tasks.
  • Volunteering at events – we’ll be running various onsite events throughout the year that will require help from volunteers, including planning and organisation in the run-up to an event and onsite support on the day.

If you have a passion for greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds (as well as dogs in general), skills and time to give, please become a KGR volunteer! There is an array of projects to choose from that require different skills, experience, abilities and resources – there is something for everyone.

Community hub

And there is more: we also want to expand our work to all aspects of dog-owning, including education, training, community projects and other initiatives!

We have so much knowledge and expertise acquired in 15 years of operation – we want to share it with the world and be of service to even more hounds and their owners.

The new KGR centre will become the hub for community events, such as craft fairs, fundraisers, festive gatherings and various get-togethers throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor ones.

It will also be the place where people can drop in for a conversation and expert advice from our team, learn more about greyhounds, buy high-quality pet supplies, and meet the KGR dogs in person (the information about KGR dogs looking for homes is also avaialble on our website here).

Greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds come in a variety of sizes, colours and temperament, and we have dogs of all ages, from puppies to elders. Over the years, we have found loving homes for lazy greyhounds, active lurchers, boisterous puppies, quiet older dogs, and all sorts of hounds in-between. We’ve got KGR dogs that run marathons with their owners, and those that prefer to spend their days on the sofa or potter in the garden – our 15 years of expeience show there is a type of hound for everyone – couples; single people; families with older cchildren, other dogs and even cats (yes, really!); older people; working, busy people; and others.

People will be able to experience first-hand how affectionate the sighthound breeds are, learn something new, and maybe even fall in love with a greyhound!

Help us fund dream kennels

We are now researching the kennel market in Kent and looking for a suitable opportunity. Owning kennels will remove the rental availability restrictions, reduce costs, improve the way KGR operates, and help the charity grow.

We’ll be publishing regular updates on our blog on the progress of this exciting venture.

We have embarked on a fundraising campaign to help us with this goal. Every penny raised goes towards KGR – we are a fully-compliant, registered charity so all the money is always accounted for. 

If you’d like to help us, please donate to KGR. We are grateful for every donation, big or small. Every penny helps to save lives!

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