Why so many skinny abandoned lurchers? Neglect?

Why so many skinny, malnourished lurchers? Why are they abandoned on the streets, starving and having to fend for themselves? Sadly, we see it happening over and over again…

It is up to the tax payer to save the dog (through the council dog warden) and then the goodwill of the general public, once there is a rescue place and then, of course, someone who can see through the neglect and offer the dog a lovely new home.

Here are the examples of the strays that have come into Kent Greyhound Rescue.

Please meet Rory who is soon arriving at KGR from a dog warden – he is VERY underweight and neglected. The dog pound kennels have been slowly feeding him up and they say he is a lovely boy.

Then we have this little girl called Parsnip – different area, different dog pound – same old story.  Underneath all that hair is a very skinny, malnourished dog.

The cost of living crisis cannot be blamed for everything – sometimes it has to be called what it really is – owner neglect. If you really love your dog but struggle to put food on your own table, let alone feed your best friend, then you really deserve all the help you can get to keep you together, as these can be very tough times.

But these dogs were not loved family pets… they were working dogs  and when they are no longer needed they are let go (literally).

Both dogs (plus another nine!) are arriving at KGR in mid-November. They will be living in our kennels and once they are assessed they will be available for adoption.

Please note we do not know what they are like in a home, with children, cats, in the car and so on – they were found as strays and their history is not known.

If you are interested in adopting one of our strays, please take a look at the FAQs on our website.

Kent Greyhound Rescue is a registered charity and relies on donations – please consider donating so we can continue with our mission to save abandoned greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds and find them forever homes. 

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