A Day in Mark’s Pawsome Life: Volunteering with Kent Greyhound Rescue

Kent Greyhound Rescue relies on the support of over 20 volunteers to keep our charity running smoothly and to provide the best care possible for the dogs.
Ever wondered what a day in the life of a volunteer looks like? Meet Mark, who has dedicated a year so far to volunteering for KGR. His efforts contribute to keeping the dogs active and healthy while they’re in our care.

Arrive at kennels with the hound(s) we’re taking out, already decided. Mark on the board with ‘OUT’ against that dog(s) that we are taking.

Then, to the equipment store to retrieve a collar, muzzle, KGR ‘I need a home jacket’, harness and coat if needed.

Off to the kennel to retrieve the hounds in question and dress them up ready to leave. They must leave the kennel with a muzzle in place, for the avoidance of any accidents. They can be very excited at this point understandably!

Out to the car, where they jump in if they’re experienced or need lifting in if they’re not. Off to our destination for the day!

After that, we’re off on our travels, which usually consists of a decent walk followed by a visit to some sort of refreshment establishment. We usually try to make this somewhere that enables the hounds to be seen by as many members of the public as possible. This normally results in them receiving a lot of attention!

After all that, it’s off back to the kennels, as usually the dogs are tired and hungry due to not being used to all that walking, sniffing and strokes! We escort them back to their kennel, strip off all their equipment, say our goodbyes (sad!), return the equipment to the store and remove the ‘out’ from the information board.

That’s it! Another day of hound exposure done until next time…

Interested in volunteering? Click here to let us know how you can help!

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Your support matters, and donations to KGR, whether big or small, are deeply appreciated. Every penny contributes to saving lives and positively impacting our rescue efforts.