Bonnie is a gorgeous 7 / 8 month-old Podenco, originally from near Valencia in Spain. She has been in her foster home for about 4 weeks and is settling into her new life very well.  She is a very smart girl – intelligent and highly trainable and she already responds to some basic cues, e.g. sit, wait.  She is very lively, energetic and playful and will enjoy being around people and other dogs who will appreciate that side of her character. Bonnie is really good with people and with other dogs and has started to show affection to her fosterers. She has quickly learnt great manners in relation to both people and dogs which is remarkable for a very young dog.    Bonnie loves being outside and walks really nicely on the lead so exercising her is a real pleasure. She is curious and interested in everything, including wildlife of course, but as she has never been used for hunting, she is very distractible. She is very flexible, adapts well to change and will thrive in an environment where people are around most of the time and will appreciate her youth, her energy and her intelligence. She is absolutely stunning with beautiful expressive eyes and the most amazing pointy ears!  If you are interested in adopting Bonnie and you have a garden, you will need good boundaries with a minimum 6ft fences

Podencos are a type of sighthound often bred and used for hunting in Spain. Like galgos, podencos are often kept in appalling conditions where they are worked, starved, abused and finally abandoned or killed in the most inhumane ways. Their short, miserable lives are usually devoid of even the most basic things such as food and shelter; love, affection, gentleness and care are alien to most of these dogs.  Ironically, Podencos are beautiful, gentle, intelligent creatures, curious and quick to learn, playful and funny given the opportunity. They are lively, energetic dogs that love being active, but like most sighthounds, also quickly find their spot on the sofa to enjoy a snooze.



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