Buster has a lovely temperament and gets on well with most other dogs and people. He can live with cats with the right introductions. He is a young lively lad so will need an active home with patient owners who are willing to invest time and energy in his training and socialisation.  He is great fun, super friendly and will be a fabulous pet once settled into the right home.

Buster is quite small – about a size 24 coat and about 24 inches tall.  Please do not confuse Buster with a small greyhound – or think he is a suitable option because he can live with cats.  Buster is small but action packed and he wants fun, active owners who will take him on super adventures and be around for most of the time. And he will need lots of cuddles!

In February 2021, Buster was found alone and starving on the street. He was rescued by people dedicated to saving these dogs and has been in private boarding kennels since. He is described as funny, lively and absolutely full of himself. He is a great character and everyone who meets him just loves him.


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