Butler is a smallish, very sociable lurcher who is looking for a new home through no fault of his home, just a change in his owners circumstances.

This is what his owners have to say about him:


“Butler is a lovable, affectionate, and happy boy all the time. Everybody who meets him falls in love with him instantly due to his calm temperament and big brown eyes. He loves people so much and will do anything to make you happy.  


He loves playing with his toys – with you and without you – and will quite often just get them out on his own and throw them around the living room! He loves to cuddle more than any dog I have ever known and will take up all the space on the sofa and in the bed if you let him. 


Butler will sleep literally anywhere, in the most interesting positions, and for most of the day. He sleeps alone in his bed all night and will squeak at you in the mornings when he’s ready for a cuddle in your bed! 


He is super intelligent both mentally and emotionally, and he always knows when you’re feeling down and will come and give you a sloppy kiss. He loves training with treats (especially ham!) and can do lots of cool tricks if you feed him enough! He’s definitely a foodie though so don’t leave anything on the side as he will think you’ve left it there especially for him! 


He can be good with other dogs, but he gets nervous when he meets them so he can show some aggression, especially on a lead, when he encounters them for the first time.  


He’s lived part-time with two other dogs and has been on regular walks with dogs he knows without any real issues. Submissive female dogs and puppies he has never had any problems with, even when they are jumping all over him and biting his ears! He loves to play with dogs that he feels comfortable with.

 He prefers walks where there are less dogs so he has the space to zoom and not be interrupted, but equally if you have the time and patience with him (and treats!), you can walk past other dogs on a lead without any noise or issues. 


He’s fully house trained, never had an accident in the house, and he’s not scared of anything (fireworks, traffic etc). He’s great with kids and adults alike and will be very patient when younger children accidentally jump on him or when older children think they can beat him in a running race – not that he’d ever let you win! 


Butler’s love of people does make him quite needy. He doesn’t like it too much when you leave him on his own, (even when you go for a wee!) but he will sit in the car while you run your errands with no issues. With the right training and home setting, he can be left alone for an hour or so and he has never been destructive – he just cries a lot like the baby he thinks he is!  


With another dog he’s been left alone for 4 hours with no problems.  


He hates cats so would need to be in a home without them, but the love he has to offer for humans will outweigh any negative you might think about that! 


Butler is the perfect companion and just wants to receive as much love as he gives. He is being rehomed for no fault of his own and we hope he will find a family who love him as much as we do!”


Butler will need a family who are at home a lot of the time.




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