Loki was Lucky Lurcher

Lucky is a lovely smaller lurcher – although he may still grow some more.  He was found at 6 weeks old, this time last year and had lived with his finder as a very much loved pet.  Unfortunately they cannot give him the life he needs so he has come into KGR to find a new home.

Lucky was scared of other dogs when he arrived but he has been happily living with multiple greyhounds and lurchers and really enjoys their company.  He would not want to be with a dog that is too annoying for him – he is a delicate baby and he was a peaceful life full of love and cuddles.  He needs owners who are confident and who will offer him routine and stability – if you are at all anxious he will pick up on it as he is very sensitive.

Lucky is very much a puppy – he wants fun and he wants to play.  We can leave him with the other dogs for 3-4 hours and he is fine – we don’t know how he would be as an only dog.

Please remember lurchers are fun dogs – they are not small greyhounds.  They want longer walks and big adventures – they then will come home and sleep all day.  You do need to be around a lot of the time to adopt a lurcher.  He is still a bit scared of other dogs when outside but he gets better everyday.   We have lots of fun videos of Lucky on our facebook page.   He is currently in a foster home and this is what his foster mum has to say about him.

Lucky is the most loving and loyal dog you could ever wish for. His affection knows no limits. He’s always delighted to see you even if you’ve literally only gone for 30 seconds to put the rubbish out. To him you left him for hours (even if 30 secs) and he wants to tell you how pleased he is you came back. He hasn’t been socialised and is still learning the way of the world. Some things are quite scary for him. Someone walking past the house. Another dog met on the dog walk. He needs reassurance and confidence in his owner that all will be OK. Lucky needs to be in a home with someone around most of the day who can commit time to training him . He is very trainable. Whilst in Foster he’s learned to sit, learned the word “wait” and has also heard the word “NO” a lot!
Lucky doesn’t believe in personal space. Part of this is his insecurity at being in several homes in a short space of time and a fear of being abandoned. He will follow you to the toilet and happily watch whilst you do your business. He will climb into bed and snuggle up with you. I often wake with his paws on my shoulder and dog breath breathing on my face. He doesn’t wee in the house….but we’ve had some poo on the carpet…..he will happily poop in the garden but won’t poo when on a walk. I’m working on that with him and hope he sees the fuss and congratulations I give to my other dogs when they poop on a walk and takes the hint that this is his opportunity to relieve himself and to please spare the carpet.   As he’s still a puppy he likes to chew. Any object in his reach is far game and thus a sharp eye is needed to distract him from the stuff you don’t want chewed (I.e. shoes, the banister, kids school books) and direct him to stuff he can chew I.e. chew toys. Being a lurcher Lucky has an equal mix of brain cells and stupidity. He can easily open unlocked doors by himself and let himself into bedrooms or the garden one minute then chase his own tail the next.
Adopting Lucky is going to take work. He will need time to settle into his new surroundings. Firm boundaries from the start alongside lots of love and reassurance will make his new home a success. Please only apply to adopt Lucky if you’re prepared for the ups and downs and willing to put the work in to turn him into an awesome companion.
And as Foster mum I’d love to stay in touch with his new family and learn how he is getting on in the same way that I’ve done for many of my other fosters in the past ????





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