Luna is a charming lurcher. She does pull a little at the start of a walk but soon settles down. She is very friendly and everyone she meets is greeted with a waggy tail and a happy face. She also is polite around other dogs.  However, she is not the perfect easy dog- like all dogs you will need to train her and show her how you expect her to behave.  She is a blank canvas and unless you show her she won’t know what you want and she will then disapoint you.  She is a young active dog and she needs active owners who will take her for long walks. She does love your attention so cuddles are a must. Give her the guidelines and stability and she will make a fabulous dog for someone.

She is on the smaller side at 23kg and has lovely eyeliner making her look very pretty.

She will require plenty of cuddles plus an active home to burn off that Lurcher energy.

Please remember the 3-3-3 rule.  She will not settle for a few weeks and it is your job to help her settle.  You will need to keep her calm and get her used to her new home and surroundings – not wind her up so she gets over excited.

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