Pippa is a very sweet natured greyhound born in 2009. She is quite a petite dog and is a ready made pet, having lived in a home for nearly 3 years. She is housetrained, very affectionate and a nice sweet natured girl. In fact Pippa is a very easy dog who is low maintenance, but who gives so much more back.
Pippa has lived in a home since 2012 with another greyhound but has sadly both been returned to KGR as he owners tell us they are not good with other dogs. We have walked both dogs through various High Streets and towns and although they show some interest, they are not pulling on the lead or barking. In fact none of our volunteers can understand what went wrong as none of us can get them to react to anything, other than what we would class as a normal reaction. If there is any doubt about her socialisation skills, then Pippa could have attended local training classes over the years they owned her which would have stopped any unwanted behaviour and taught her owners how to say no to her.
We feel very sad for Pippa as she is used to her home comforts and is now back at kennels.

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