Rambo (we think someone was having a laugh with this name) is only 15 months old but he is a lucky boy as he now gets to have a loving home.  Rambo is cat workable if you follow the guidance on our website. We have now changed his named to Baby Rambo or Bambo  or even Bambi – he really just isn’t a Rambo!

Bambo is just the sweetest dog – he is very young and he needs owners who will give him the confidence he needs to mature into a fabulous dog.  In his foster home he is happy, his tail wags all the time but we have noticed he is quite dim – in a really sweet, nice way.  But he hasnt got a clue!  He lives merrily on Planet Bambi where the world is all very nice and full of flowers and love.

He is very programmed to have a cuddle and he loves being kissed and told he is lovely. He also loves going out for walks and he has joined us at quite a few fundraising events where he has been great and very well behaved.

Like lots of young greyhounds Bambo is not used to the big wide world – he has lived a very sheltered life and has done very little, expect exist in a kennel.    What he needs now is owners who will show him what they expect of him and give him lots of reasons to trust and love them. Think of him as adopting a toddler – the child would have a basic understanding of life but you would still need to teach the child how to behave in your home – how to learn bedtime routines – how to play with toys- how to trust and love.  Young greyhounds needs owners who patience and commitment – it usually doesn’t take long for them to settle and become wonderful family pets.

Rambo has a pet passport.

For more information please go to our website at kentgreyhoundrescue.com

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