Everyone loves Scooter and he loves them. He makes all humans feel special by going straight in for a full lean on everyone he meets, hoping for a cuddle. When the inevitable happens, the words are always the same: ‘I can’t believe how soft he is”!

Scooter has the most beautiful coat which he keeps perfectly groomed like a fussy cat. He is mostly white with little black and brown spots which probably indicate the ‘mearle’ colour gene. Dogs that carry mearle genes can have hearing and vision loss to different degrees and in scooter’s case, his hearing is badly affected.

But it’s not so bad! Scooter can sleep everywhere and he loves it! He’s always asleep because his world is so peaceful. His foster mum can leave him when she goes to work with absolutely no problems. As the weeks have gone on, his deafness has been hardly noticeable. He has learned the routines and no longer sleeps through his morning walkies or his dinner.

Scooter is perfectly toilet trained and really is very easy to look after. He travels perfectly in the car too.

He does needs an owner who is steady on their feet because he can be strong and lark about on the lead especially at the start of a walk. We think it’s because going from the silent house to seeing cars and lights and dogs and squirrels is super stimulating. He soon settles down and for the most part walks quietly. He loves walking, especially in the countryside and is totally happy to walk for 2 miles or 20 miles! Walking is the thing he adores.

We would like scooter to be an only dog because being deaf means that he doesn’t speak perfect ‘dog’, and there is a risk of misunderstandings. He does, however, love to spend time with his doggy friends on walks.

KGR will give his new owner advice on waking him up from a snooze and the hand and touch signals he has learned. He would love someone who is interested in training because all dogs need to be told they are a ‘good boy’ whether they can hear or not.

This is a delightful saluki cross boy. Edit Dog “Scooter” ‹ Kent Greyhound Rescue — WordPress

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