We are delighted to introduce Slippers, our amazing lurcher. He was found locally in Kent and is just delighted to be with KGR. He behaves beautifully with all the dogs and humans he has met. In his foster home, he makes it his job to look after his scared foster sister Nuala and is always comforting her and encouraging her along the way.

Slippers enjoys his walks. One hour a day is plenty for him, and he does like to goof around in the garden. He is left alone with other dogs without any problems. He walks nicely on the lead and doesn’t pull hard when he sees a rabbit, but that may change when he is feeling better. He meets other dogs very nicely indeed.

Slippers is quite a heavy dog with a big handsome head. He is probably a bull lurcher – a mix of two wonderful breeds.

Slippers would fit into most homes and could live with sensible children over 10 years old. We do think he could be an only dog, but he does value time with other dogs and will need frequent playdates with doggy friends. He can be left for 4-5 hours, but would also be a brilliant office dog.

Slippers is fine to sleep alone, and is doing really well with his toilet training.

He has had a hard life (and has the scars to prove it), but it would be hard to find a more generous dog. He would do his best to comfort an anxious dog or a sad human in his new home.

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