Tom was born to be a racing greyhound but when very young he dislocated his hip, so he was of no use to them.  No vet treatment was given at the time but he seems to have adjusted into a very happy, playful puppy.

Our vet in Ireland has indicated he will not need any surgery and will be OK with his leg – he runs around just fine but he does need to be careful as if he plays to much he does drag it. Please don’t be put off by his medical history – if he is not covered by an insurance company KGR will pay for any future vet treatment connected to this pre existing condition.

Tom is going to be a big boy- he has very big, very cute white paws.  He is super friendly, very confident and very affectionate.  He is great with other dogs and he is cat workable if you follow our guidance.

Greyhound puppies can be hard work – they are not a younger version of an older rescued hound who will want to sleep all day.  Tom loves to be a puppy and he loves to play.  You will need lots of patience and the time to devote to a pup.  Please remember if you have older dogs a puppy may annoy them.

Tom has a pet passport.

If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.





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