Muzzle Up! Love that muzzle.

Love Your Muzzle

Your greyhound has a strong instinct to chase small furry animals. It was what they were bred for after all! We know they look like absolute dopes when snoozing but don’t be fooled!

Even the most laid back, lazy greyhound will get a surprise if a small, fluffy dog (or cat) appears beside them or in the distance. Their natural instinct to chase will kick in. They can’t help it. The instinct will engage before the brain has a chance to register! ( Let’s face it greyhounds aren’t renowned for thinking, more for loving)! The other animals family (and you) will be devastated if an accident were to happen.

KGR insists that new owners muzzle their dog for at least the first three months and until your dog has completed a training class. Keep using a muzzle until you are certain your dog is good around other dogs. It’s simple. It’s part of being a responsible dog owner. It protects your dog as the big dog always gets the blame.

Many owners prefer to muzzle their dogs always because instinct never really goes away. Greyhounds don’t mind, they are used to them and people know what a gentle breed they are.

A muzzle is a great training aid. In the early days your new dog may be pushing the boundaries with regard to sofas, food etc. Easy answer, muzzle up! You are confident. Your dog will pick up on this and understand what you expect of them. Greyhounds are very emotional and only want to please you. Muzzles are a brilliant training aid and if you want a colourful one to make a fashion statement we can help with that too!