What’s been happening this week at KGR.

We thought we’d share what’s been happening over the past week at KGR. Here’s just an insight into a few exciting things that have happened.

On Thursday we had 3 new dogs arrive at 8 am. They’d been picked up the previous day from various locations and rescues in Ireland that we work with. They travelled across the Irish Sea and through Wales and onto us in Kent. Let us introduce you to the newbies:

First up is Will. A lovely black lad who is 4 1/2 years old. He’s very calm and a smaller boy. He’s had a trip to the tearooms already and was very well behaved. More updates will appear on our website and social media as we get to know him more.

Next is Kate who is a really cute smaller blue girl. She is also 4 1/2 years old and a beautiful, calm and loving lass who also enjoyed her tearoom visit. As with Will, more info will follow as we get to know her.

Last but not least was May who bagged herself her forever home on Saturday! She was cat workable and only a year old so was snapped up quickly. She was exactly what her new owners were looking for, be happy little May.

We also had a special ask from a rescue in Romania who have a greyhound called Gary.
Gary hasn’t had any luck in finding a home which has got worse due to an influx of dogs due to the situation in Ukraine. Hopefully he will have a better chance once in the UK.

Gary is special because he only has one eye after being  hit/beaten in his previous life. He also is a tripod , in other words he has 3 legs after being hit by a car. More updates will be on social media once he arrives later towards the end of May. This was him after being collected with his smashed leg and then after his amputation.


We also tried to get as many of our kennel dogs out into foster homes for the long weekend to give them a taste of what life is really like and also to give you all a better idea of how they have managed in a home and out and about. Keep a look out on social media to see how they’ve got on.