Moher & Riber – a love story

The day before Brexit we fast tracked our Spanish dogs into the UK, incase there was any red tape DEFRA hitches in the new year.  So, the day before New Year and the import rules changing Moher and Riber arrived.  They had an awful journey up from Southern Spain and were terrified, traumatised and utterly exhausted.

We popped them in a kennel and left them to decompress.  They were originally in separate foster homes and spent the first few months very scared of the world. But by accident, they ended up in the same foster home and that’s where their love story began.  Seeing them together we knew we could never sperate them – but we also knew it was a HUGE problem to find a home willing to take on both boys who still had anxiety and other issues.  In the foster home they were starting to be just like regular dogs so the new family needed a huge leap of faith to believe that’s how they would be with them.

Even after all these years it never fails to amaze us when we find adopters willing to have low expectations, buckets full of love, and the desire to put the dogs first and help them settle.

Roll on 18 months and this really is a happy ending – the boys found a home together, and they are loving life.  The live with cats and they now love going for walks – meeting doggie friend and just generally having a great life.  And they still snuggle up together!

On arrival date 30/12/20

2022 in their forever home – this is why we love volunteering at Kent Greyhound Rescue!