Off to the pub again!

Volunteering at a rescue doesn’t have to be all hard slog and overly stressful – the volunteers need to stay happy to keep working hard. Our solution is volunteer to take the dogs to a local pub for lunch. Our kennels are in Headcorn and the area in blessed with many very dog friendly, historic pubs for us to visit – our lots of our foster dogs live by the sea on the South Coast so they have lots more places to choose from.

We are not always in the pub – we do often pop along to the local coffee shops. And the dogs always get a nice long walk first.
On a more serious note – before arriving at a rescue, a greyhound has probably never been given any food by hand. It will always have been in a food bowl, left for him. In his mind therefore – ALL food is his food, because in the past all the food he has ever saw was his. So our fabulous multi-tasking volunteers can turn a trip to the pub into a training session and whilst having a lovely lunch can assess how the dogs are around food. They don’t even realise your fingers are not part of the snack!

Quite often, for the first few times, we must place the food on the floor – they just will not accept it by hand.


We thought we would share lots of lovely greyhound and galgo photos with you – these are all dogs at KGR before they had found their forever home – so they were at the time all rescue dogs.