Humans can easily make or break an adoption.

Dogs react to their owners – the humans can easily make or break an adoption.

Meet Rose – Rose is only just 2 years old and had done very little with her life before arriving at KGR.  Her humans have to teach her everything – from what love is, to how to enjoy life – and all the boring training bits in between – like toilet training and lead walking.

Rose went into a home and lasted a whole 36 hours before being returned – her crime, she froze on walks and wasn’t housetrained, so doing exactly what we said she would do. We go through all of this pre adoption, and we explain all about the 3-3-3 rules, and people nod and agree and make the right noises about being able to deal with it all.

When she came back to kennels, we took her to the pub – this is her meeting and greeting the customers who she had never met before – she is super friendly.

Roll on a few weeks and here she is in her next home – still as an only dog and with similar set up.  This time the humans are different and this time she has settled and she is staying.

Please think really carefully before adopting a dog – can you cope, – are you willing to work through the basic issues like freezing on walks and house training or are you expecting a perfect dog from day 1.  You need to have realistic expectations about what you expect and what you are willing to deal with – and let us know.

The point is Rose is the same dog, she was the same dog in both homes. But was returned for being a bad dog in her first home and is now a much loved pet in her second – the difference is her owners.