Lila (was Buttons) RIP

Buttons is a dinky greyhound who is just 2 years old.  Her mum is the beautiful Blondie – although Buttons was never registered to race.

She is just the sweetest dog – she was 2 years old on 26th October – so she is still young and funny.  She will need someone around for most of the day.

She will be loving and great fun once she trusts you and settles in.

Like most young greyhound, Buttons has little experience of the outside world – she has spent a lot of her time in a kennel and she has never raced.  Her owners will need to bond with her (so she trusts them) before the take her out for a walk.  Once she trusts you she is fine.

Please remember if she is to be an only dog – you will have to put more work into helping her settle – it is not hard, but it is not as easy as a multi dog home.

Younger dogs also need a bit more exercise than a regular older greyhound.

Button is just a delight. She is super cuddly and affectionate in the home.

Buttons can be trained to live with cats – if you follow our guidance on cats and dogs.

She has a pet passport.

If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.

Please also read our section on Covid 19 – we are currently not able to rehome in some areas but this changes regularly.iec 91758



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