‘Hogie Bear’ Hogan

We all just love Hogie Bear. He has just turned 2 and we have watched him turn from a silly bat eared puppy to a handsome and huggable hound.

Look at his photos. The photos with the little back and silver harness are puppy Hogan in Ireland. He is still a big baby really.

Hogan recently moved into a foster home and is living with other greyhounds. His foster parents are really enjoying having him and describe him as ‘adorable, very affectionate but not demanding’.

He is a clever boy and has learned the rules of living in a home brilliantly. He is happy to be left with another dog and settles very quickly indeed after a walk. He is regularly left for around 4 hours and he copes happily with this. He is toilet trained.

Hogan gets a scared of dogs he doesn’t know but in his foster home he is getting better every day. He would like reasonably fit owners because he can pull (only occasionally), but that will soon stop once he has learned to rely on a special person. With dogs he knows he is fabulous.

One of his fans recently said:

‘Hogan would fit into a fun loving home where he can be given lots of attention and playtime! I imagine he would love to be roaming about a garden getting up to all sorts of harmless mischief. He is a stunning boy!’.

We just know he will be a fabulous pet. Hogan would love to live with another hound but could be an only dog if you are around most of the time. He will benefit from a training class to learn how to put on his big boy trousers and stop being scared of dogs he doesn’t know.

Most of all Hogan needs to be loved and start to enjoy everything life has in store ♥️.

He can live with children over 12 years. If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.

Hogan has a pet passport

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