Tigger is a loveable but very dim greyhound – he hasn’t got a clue how to behave at times so you have to gently teach him. He is super affectionate and at only 2 years old he is still a puppy at times.

Tigs is a very active dog – he has not got a greyhound “off switch” gene unless he has had plenty of exercise and fun during the day – then he flops down and snoozes – throwing out a lot of snoring noise.  He is a lovely boy but he needs owners who will be patient with him, follow the guidance we give and help him settle in.

When he is tired you don’t get a peep out of him – he loves the sofa and he loves his sleep but he also loves play time.  He chases a ball and plays football with you – he loves to run with his toys, throwing them about and he loves you to talk to him and tell him how fabulous he is.

Tigs will suit someone who wants a more interactive greyhound to take out on adventures.  He is really good when he is outdoors – and he loves the car.


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