• In Foster Nr Hythe
  • Greyhound
  • Male
  • 1 Year Old
  • Cat Workable

Samson was only born in April 2020 – he has not done any racing.

He is a very striking, handsome hound and everyone stops to admire him – he is bigger than an average greyhound and very happy to be out in the exciting world of pets not racing – he loves to lean into your legs.

Sam has got issues around food- which will lessen over time when he feels settled, secure and knows he will be fed regularly.   Apart from this is a really lovely boy- very cuddly and sweet.  He is a young dog – and he is very puppy like at times – he is big and clumsy and walks into things, but that is because he brain hasn’t been activated yet – so his legs do all the thinking.

Young greyhounds are different from regular retired greyhounds – please read our blog about it.  You will need to be the human in the relationship and TRAIN your dog to ensure he knows how you want him to behave.  Sam is a blank canvass so he knows nothing  so you need to prepared to follow out advice and put the effort in.

Samson can be trained to live with cats – if you follow the guidance.  We explain how in the rehoming section.

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