Harry (aka Hazza / Harry P) is a smaller sized lurcher who tries hard to be the comedian of the family.  He is shy with new people initially and needs a supportive home, but becomes a funny loon when he feels safe with his people.  Harry has had a challenging life so far and we so dearly want him to be the centre of a special person’s life.    If he is nervous when he arrives home we will ask you to let him find his feet for a few days before going out for walkies.
Once settled Harry loves his walkies and his new owner must enjoy being out and about, or have a good sized garden for lurchering around.  After his walk he is very happy to sleep all day.  He would be happiest living  with another dog, but we would consider him being an only dog for a person / family with lurcher experience and who are happy to make sure he has regular play dates with a doggy friend.
 If he is an only dog, his human will need to be around a lot of the time.  He is happy to be left 4-5 hours with another dog. So far he is fairly calm for a lurcher, measuring only a 5 on the official Lurcher Joules (LJ) scale, with 10 being the highest.
This is a sweet little dog who deserves a loving home.

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