Locations where Billie Jean can be rehomed – Kent, South Hertfordshire, London, Sussex, Surrey, Essex.

Billie Jean is a very sweet little girl – she has an old injury from her last race which has now been fixed (she had an oepration on 12th January) and she is recovering well.  Billie is a very good girl in her foster home where she is currently living with a male greyhound.  Billie is only allowed short walks at the moment but these will be increased over the next few weeks. Because of that she hasn’t met many other dogs but is very well behaved as she passes those she has met on her walk.  She is very interested in squirrels and often spots them in the trees before her foster brother and then tells him they are there.

Billie loves her soft toys and her favourite game is emptying her toy box and taking them all to her bed.  She is clean in the house and sleeps well all night in downstairs with her foster brother.  She has been left for short periods with no problems, she just settles down in her bed for a snooze, but is always very excited to see everyone on their return.

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