Bruno is a lovely sweet lurcher who can be a little bit shy when he firsts meet people but he soon settles.  He has been out and about with our dog walking volunteers and loves his trips out from kennels.   Bruno is just a very nice dog.   He is a lurcher and he still very young so he does need a new family who like to be outdoors and walking.  He is a little more active than a greyhound but he will still settle and snooze when back home.

He is now living in a foster home with a male and a a female greyhound and he is great with them.  He adores his humans and he loves living in a home and being loved.

Please remember he has led a very sheltered life so if you rehome him as an only dog you will have to teach him how to function in your world – this just takes patience and understanding.  If you have another dog he will take the lead from that dog.

Please remember the 3-3-3 rule.  He will not settle for a few weeks and it is your job to help him settle.  You will need to keep him calm and get him used to his new home and surroundings


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