“All I want is people to love.  I am a really happy boy, just ready to settle down and give you all my attention.  I am really well behaved in the house and remember my toilet training all the time.  I love to stretch out on the sofa and never try to steal or chew.  I just ignore my foster brother and I like most other dogs.  I am not sure about all little dogs yet, but practice makes perfect. I wag my tail and get a bit excited.
I am a really good boy walking on the lead and I am a good jogging partner, as long as you don’t go too far!  I stay really close and can’t be bothered with lamposts!
Apart from a lunch time visit I am left alone during the day with my foster brother.  I am quite happy with that and provided I have a good walk in the morning I will go to bed before my foster mum has even left the house!
I love learning new things and I can lie down and even sit when I’m asked. My mum thinks I am the cutest thing, especially when I carry my blanket around.  I have a wonderful nature and I can live with children over 12 years. But what I want more than anything else in world is a best friend.  I have endless amounts of love give to a special person.  If you ever feel lonely or sad, then I am your perfect pet.  There is no room for either of those with my head in you hand x”


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