Hello, I’m Doris!!

I was born into the racing industry tried for racing but never made the grade so now I’m looking for my new family.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am happy with my own company, spending time by myself.  I am clean indoors, sleep throught the night and am happy to be left by myself.

I walk well on the lead, in fact I plod behind looking miserable – I’m not really miserable, I just haven’t worked out that walking is fun!!!!  However, if I see a rabbit then all my worries disappear!!!

I’m not overly impressed with bridges, railways or other obstacles and I haven’t yet won the greyhound badge of bravery, but given time I will get there.

I don’t bark but I do have a funny little whoop-whoop sound I make!!

All together, I really am a gorgeous girl and can be won over with strawberries and sticks!!

I could be cat friendly but I would need a family who will follow the guidance given on cat and dog intorductions.

If you like, come and see me and I’ll show you just what a sweetie I really am…

Ready to adopt Doris?

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