Fargo is a beautiful boy – he is very friendly  and he likes nothing more than to cuddle his human on the sofa.  He is super affectionate and so well behaved in the home you don’t know you have him.

We don’t know too much about his background – he has only recently been chipped so he cannot be an ex racing hound.  He may have been a working greyhound who was then dumped.

Fargo is perfect in the home – he is clean, quiet overnight, so cuddly and he is very gentle.

He needs a nice calm home with owners who are used to settling in a greyhound who has not lived a pet life before.  Fargo is great in the home but has some issues with dogs outside – we walk him on lead only areas so he doesn’t get stressed. He doesn’t need huge amounts of exercise – if you have a large garden he can potter around there, then you can take him out for shorter walks.  He is very good with dog he knows – he is scared of dogs outside (when he is on a lead).

He is not a very smart dog – it has taken 2 months for him to be able to get on a sofa and stay there without falling off!


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