Gemma is a very happy girl. Her tail never stops wagging, unless she’s asleep of course. She has a very mischievous twinkle in her eye so we think she will be a really good fun dog with lots of character. She walks well in any environment and isn’t bothered by noisy streets or traffic. She is quite a busy girl so will enjoy being out and about with you and going for walks.

Gemma is a young dog who has done very little before arriving at KGR.  Like all young dogs there maybe times when she dosn’t understand what is expected of her – for example young dog can sometimes freeze of walks.  She dosn’t do this with our volunteers so if she does so it in her new home – you will need to be able to deal with it.  You do this by simply jollying her along – and remaining confident – it is really that simple.

  • Young greyhounds are different to regular rescued ex racer greyhounds.  They have little life experience and have spent a lot of time just existing in their kennel.   They may freeze of walks, not understand what you expect of them or just be a little dazed and confused at their new life.  How they will behave will be a direct reflection of how their owners are with them – if you are confident – they will take confidence from you.  If you stress – you will just add to their current stress levels and make things 10xs worse.
  • You will have to manage any situations that will arise and teach your young greyhound how to function in his new life.  Please do not expect him or her to just know what to do.
  • We can only assess the dogs with our volunteers – they may react differently with you. But if you stay calm, keep confident and jolly your new dog along you will be fine.
  • If you are not prepared to put the extra work in – if needed – please consider adopting a greyhound who is 3 years or older – as they will be more confident.  We really do not want this dog to be returned because you don’t want to put the effort into helping him or her settle.

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