Gracie, aka Goose, is brilliant fun, always looking for a playmate and the most beautifully natured dog you could meet! She greets everyone she meets enthusiastically, and is super with other dogs of every shape and size. She would love a bouncy labrador type for company – something up for a bit of a chase and tumble.

Although generally good on the lead, she gets very excited when she sees a cat or a rabbit and has a burst of excitement which can be really quite strong. Gracie is particularly fond of men and would suit an active man or couple very well – someone that will take her on plenty of adventures and give her lots of to think about.

She began life in her foster home barking when left alone. After just two weeks she has settled in well and has learned to happily snooze the working day away, with the help of kong lick toys and a lunchtime break. However, this is a result of large amounts of exercise, so we feel it better she went to a home where she was only left alone for part of the day, preferably with another dog. She did not seem to be anxious when left alone, and her reaction was simply annoyance/frustration that her people have gone out walking and watching rabbits without her. After all, what else would people be doing when they went out? Routine is good for Gracie.

Grace is still a young dog and will soon turn into a typical lazy greyhound. But for the moment, an active family would be best. She could live with older children, but someone with plenty of time would be even better. She would love a good-sized garden so she can run a little off the lead.

When out walking with Gracie, you quickly get used to being the centre of attention.  She is a fantastically attractive dog: a lovely blue/grey, with plenty of white and a diamond on the back of her head.

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