Harry is looking for a  new home with owners who will enjoy walking him,  who are around a lot of the time and who will take him to dog training classes.  Harry is very gorgeous but he is not a laid back and lazy dog.

Harry (Harrison) is approximately 3 years old and was found wandering the streets of Medway with his tail badly bitten, possibly by another dog. He was taken to the dog pound, where he later lost his tail. He found kennels incredibly stressful and longed to be taken in by a family.  He came into foster care earlier this year where his current family have started to rehabilitate him into a family pet. Often we have no idea of the trauma these poor dogs have been through – but going forward all Harry will need is routine, affection and a calm happy household where he will be loved and trained.

He is the most affectionate, loving dog we’ve ever known. He will snuggle up to your knee when you are sitting down. He loves cuddles, and just wants reassurance that you are there for him. His insecurities mean that he needs someone with him all the time. He would love to go to work with you and snuggled under your desk. He loves humans but isn’t so good on other dogs.  He has what we call lead aggression – this does not mean he is aggressive – it means he is scared because he leads gives him no means of escape.   Often this behaviour can be changed by simple things like doggie play groups (but keep him muzzled) but sometimes it does mean that he will also have to be muzzled when out on a walk.   Whilst he’d love to live on his own with his humans, with the right introductions he could live with another dog. (He is currently in a 3 lurcher household!)

He is a clever boy and has learnt to sit and would love to go to training classes. This would also help improve his doggy social skills. Being a lurcher he does have a working brain (unlike a greyhound!) and is curious about the world around him. He loves going on walks and discovering new things. He would need an active home. Once his doggy social skills have improved, he could be a great canicross companion. But he would be equally happy with a new family where he can just go for nice long walks and explore.

As with all lurchers you do need to be around for most of the day to adopt Harry – they are not as good at being left as the greyhounds.

Because he is not so good with other dogs when out and about, he currently cannot live with children.

Please read our section on Covid 19 – not everyone is currently able to adopt, so please check your location is OK before applying.

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