• Living At Kennels
  • Small Wadi
  • Female
  • 1 Year Old
  • Active Home Needed

Jessie is a small, active wadi (think lurcher!)  She is a lively confident dog with a lovely nature. She is great with other dogs and people.. She is very affectionate and loves nothing more than snuggling up to her human.  Jessie has been living with Daisy in a home before travelling to KGR – we would love them to stay together and will initially only consider applications for both of them.

They are both small dogs – sort of whippet sized.

Daisy and Jessie were rescued off the street together a number of months ago. Up until recently, they have been in a home in the Middle East. Unfortunately, a change of circumstances has meant that the previous owner can no longer keep the dogs and so they have come to the UK to find another loving home. They have been in kennels overseas for a few weeks awaiting their chance of a new home in the UK. They would love to be homed together but will be considered separately.

What is a Wadi Dog?

Wadi dogs are medium sized, mixed breed, free roaming dogs found in Middle Eastern countries. They are descended from salukis and other sighthounds and retain the characteristic shape and elegance of the saluki. Because they are free roaming, they are often found in flood plain areas(or Wadi’s hence their name) where sources of water, food and shelter may be found more easily. Also, because dogs can struggle in high Middle East summer temperatures, it is thought that they gravitate to the Wadi areas to help keep cooler.

Typically, despite being gentle, friendly and good-natured animals, these particular dogs are not welcome in their country of origin. They are often abandoned or treated really badly. Some are even beaten, abused and even killed on the streets.


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