Loki is a 2 year old bull lurcher, whippet/saluki x greyhound/deerhound. He is housetrained and very friendly around people. He is an intelligent dog who walks well on the lead and will respond to training especially if treats are involved! Loki is an active boy who needs to have a good run around and burn off some of his energy. He really is a super sweet dog – he fitted into his foster home really well and he adores the other dogs – but he can also be an only dog and will probably be best as an only dog.

Loki is with us due to the fact he has Epilepsy and was about to lose his life at the PDSA.  The vets saved him by trying to get him a place at a rescue.  It is quite shocking that such an amazing dog could lose his life because of a condition – which is controlled through medication.  His owners bought him from a breeder and paid quite a lot of money for him – but then wanted him put to sleep when he wasn’t as perfect as they expected.

His epilepsy can be managed with the correct medication. KGR will cover the cost of any future epilepsy episodes and medications required.

He will need owners who are around for most of the time – and ones who will continue with his training and help




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