Lucy is a small podenco X – who has arrived with us from a rescue in Spain.  Podencos are active, happy, clever dogs – so Lucy needs active owners who are around a lot or who have other dogs and proven doggie day care solutions.  Lucy is only a small girl but she can and will clear a 5 foot fence, if she wants to. So, as with all lurchers you need a totally secure garden with no escape holes and at least 6 foot fencing all around it.

This is what her foster mum has to say about Lucy.

She really is the perfect pooch. She is a very happy, confident little dog. She’s not fazed by her walks in a new country..even in the pouring rain! She walks nicely on the lead. She is having a ball playing with the other dogs. She is loving and friendly to all and she demands lots of cuddles. She really will make a fabulous family pet.

She sits to the command. Fetches her ball. Is clean ( we have had a few wees indoors, but only to be expected). I think she would be a star at agility…she has inbuilt on the spot elevation skills…forget you baby gates! She is clearly bright and intelligent and will need lots of engagement and stimulation. She follows me around and is very biddable. Not needy or nervous in the least. She has already got used to the car and jumps in.

Whoever had her in Spain before me did a good job on her!

I hope she finds a home soon or I will find it very difficult to pass her on!

Lucy has a pet passport.

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