We have 3 lurchers puppies for rehoming.

The pups have been brought up inside a loving family home, with mum and their siblings.  The owners were adopted by an ex travellers dog, and 3 weeks later she gave birth to 9 puppies.  The owners had a DNA test done on the pups which showed (we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the test).

Mum is 50% Saluki, 37.5% Greyhound, 12.5% Whippet

Puppies are 50% Greyhound, 25% Saluki, 25% Whippet

Lurchers are cross breeds so we have no idea how big the pups will grow – they will be as big as nature intends them to be. What we can guarantee is 100% gorgeousness.

You do need to be around for most of the time. Puppies cannot be left if you work.  Please also be honest of you are currently off work or working from home due to Corvid – how will your situation be in 12 months.  Young lurchers cannot be left.

Before you apply, do make sure you have carefully thought through the responsibilities of owning a puppy.

They might look cute but it is important to remember that puppies are horrible little monsters.

And will go from mildly horrible (but very cute) babies that are as much work as a toddler that needs to be constantly supervised…….to furry, fast, balls of teeth with raging hormones when they reach adolescence. Your house will never be the same again, your garden will be trashed and you will be covered in puncture wounds from needle sharp teeth.

We will expect you to be committed to making them the best they can be and to keep loving them when things get bad. You will need to go to training classes, you will need to patiently toilet train, and you will need to take the blame yourself when things you don’t put out of reach get destroyed.

It’s fun, but raising a puppy is more work than play.

Think carefully!  We do not want the puppies being returned because owners thought they look cute without understanding the hard work involved.

The pups can be trained to live with cats, but please read our section on cat and dogs.

We still have rehoming restrictions because of Corvid – we cannot rehome to all locations.  Please read our Corvid 19 statment before applying.  If you are not in the areas mentioned we unfortunately cannot safely home check you.



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Please make sure you are in a position to adopt a dog, before completing the online adoption form. We are unable to hold onto dogs for more than a few days, once you have passed your homecheck.

We do rehome throughout the UK, so long as you are prepared to travel to meet the dog within a few days of applying for him and then again to adopt him, once you have passed your homecheck.

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