Mo is a 4 year old, elegant, calm and lovely greyhound who will suit most homes.

Mo is a fabulous big red brindle boy.  He has only recently arrived, but so far we can’t help but be impressed with his gentle confidence. He is patient in his kennel and takes everything in his stride.  At 4 years old Mo has left puppyhood behind and is just ready to be a pet to be proud of.  He is very well -behaved on the lead, but he certainly isn’t the average plodder hound.  He is very alert, and gets a lot of attention because he is so handsome. You can’t help but be impressed by him.  He is a real pleasure to walk and is the perfect dog to accompany you on the New Year power walking exercise regime.

Given his age and confidence, we would expect him to be a dog that settles well into a working family.

Typically the routine for a dog left during the working day should include a long walk in the morning and a lunchtime visit or walk and we feel this would suit Mo too.  He will still look forward to weekend adventures though and this dog really needs to be shown off!

His tail sits in a funny little spiral when he’s walking, but don’t mention it in front of him!

If you can children please read our section on children and hounds.

Mo has a pet passport.

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