Neil (the baby)  is still only 2 years old.  He is fun, friendly and fabulous.  Neil has been living in a home since July but they returned him for reasons that could have been easily sorted.  He is now living in a foster home and after displaying the same issues with stolen items – and been trained there is a better way to behave – he no longer does it.  Neil wants to be a good boy – he would much rather be in your good books having a cuddle on the sofa than being ignored for being naughty.

We explain both on the website and when you adopt from us, that in a greyhounds world – everything is theirs because they have never had to share food or anything else with anyone and it is your job to teach them that it not good behaviour.

To avoid the problems – you simply have to say no and have a tone of voice that means no – Neil hates to be in the dog house and will do anything to avoid you ignoring him.  Young dogs can be like toddlers and push boundaries – you have to train them to behave in your home.  In his foster home Neil is just fabulous and such good fun (although he still sleeps a lot) – he lives with other dogs but he could be an only dog.

He is still only 2 years old so still enjoys mucking around and playtime – he wants to have fun in his life.


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