Perfect Princess Pearlie Longdog

Pearl has lived with a lovely family but has had to be returned through no fault of her own. They worried about her being alone to much after work committments changed.

Before she went to her home she was called pearlie longdog.  Now after going though her belongings she is called Perfect Princess Pearlie Longdog! Everything is beautiful and matching and designer. She even has a Hollywood smile and the glossiest coat.

So get used to the name.

Perfect Princess Pearlie Longdog would love to find some new (wealthy) owners to love.  She is the most loving dog you could wish to meet. She is also funny and playful and smart.  She is kind, good with other dogs, good with children and just an all round show-off.

She is fine to be left but because she has spent too much time alone preening and looking at her reflection, we think it would be in her best interest to have owners that are around or another dog.

She can live with sensible children.

Pearl has a pet passport.

If you have children please read our section on children and hounds


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