Meet Percy who really is a love bug

Percy is an older boy that would just love his first time sofa. With his little white face he looks older than he is. However, at only 6 years old we just know he is one of those dogs that the years will fall away from once he has a comfortable home and lots of TLC. It’s amazing to see and we can’t wait to meet handsome Percy Pin-Up in the future!

Currently he is pretty unfit, but he loves his walks from kennels and getting tasty treats. He walks beautifully on the lead and because he is so unfit, he will need to work up to longer distances. He would be a good training partner for new owners that also need to start at an easy pace, but want to get fit. Percy has a funny cheeky expression and can pull funny expressions with a ski-slope nose and amazing ears which are just a bit wonky and out of control. He is quite simply adorable.

Percy would love a special home with a family that will love him and make up for the lost years in kennels. At 6 years old, we feel he would be happy either as an only dog, or in a dog family. Most dog his age are able to be left for 4-5 hours. If you work full time he will need a walk before you leave and a lunchtime break.

Percy now has no teeth – they were so rotten as a result of his life in the racing industry, they all had to be removed.  It dosn’t bother Percy at all and he can still eat – infact he is a lot happier without them.

If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.

Percy has a pet passport.

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