RSPCA Elsie Lurcher

Elsie at the RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre has been waiting for 444 days in kennels for her forever home.
We know the KGR supporters will pull together and help. Please share her KGR facebook post to your own page and local groups. There is a home out there for everyone. Let’s do it!!!!
She is currently living in Taunton, Somerset, but can be rehomed anywhere in the country, if it’s the right home.
PLEASE NOTE YOU NEED TO APPLY VIA THE RSPCA WEST HATCH – – she is not a KGR dog.  The RSPCA rehoming policies will apply.
Elsie needs a home without other animals
Elsie is looking for a home with teenagers or adults
Elsie needs a secure, peaceful garden area without neighbouring dogsElsie is a beautiful 5 year old Lurcher. She loves cuddles, is housetrained, travels well in a car and absolutely loves to play ball! She adores snuggling in her comfortable bed, and absolutely hates the rain!Sadly Elsie came from a home where she was kept outside, alone, when she wasn’t being used for hunting. Because of her previous life, she has a very strong prey drive, and can become reactive when she encounters other animals. Our staff have worked really hard on her behaviour plan – teaching her to focus on them. When she sees other dogs/animals coming towards her on a walk she can now focus on her handler rather than reacting immediately. She has made great progress, but still has a long way to go, so we are looking for a very special home, where her new family are prepared to carry on with this training. She needs to be kept on a lead and muzzled when she is out and about (she is very comfortable wearing her muzzle)

Elsie was rehomed for a few weeks but sadly had to return to the centre even though she was very much loved, as the environment was not compatible with her needs. It has however given us valuable information on how she settled and what she needs in her new home. Elsie settled remarkably well indoors, and was housetrained and affectionate. She did however struggle with the presence of dogs and people in neighbouring gardens, and although she had a large garden that was well fenced, she became too wound up when she could hear them. This means that her outside area will need to be relatively rural, and a sanctuary from the outside world, so that she can learn to relax when she is not indoors.

The ideal home for Elsie would be with people who have experience of dogs like her., and who are willing to adjust their exercise routines to make sure she is not overwhelmed by too many things. Patience and understanding are going to be essential. She can not live in a home with any other animals.

So why would you adopt such a complex soul? Elsie is a favourite amongst everyone who meets her. She loves to curl up in her comfy bed, and when we arrive in the morning she does a huge yawn, thumps her tail and then greets us with pure joy. She refuses to go out in the rain, even though we know she is desperate for a wee, and she skips about like a puppy when off lead in our exercise field, asking us to play ball over and over again. We feel there is the right person out there for her, who will understand that she needs time, consistency, a peaceful environment, and patience.

Please note that due to coronavirus restrictions we are now carrying out the initial part of the adoption process remotely via email, phone calls and video footage before we invite you to come and meet her.

Elsie’s full details are on the RSPCA website:

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