Please meet Rufus. He is with us due to his owner becoming unwell so let’s tell you all about him.

He was found as a stray and is 17 months old. He is a typical lovely young Lurcher. He does not pull on the lead (unless he sees a squirrel) he has really outstanding recall in all areas off lead. He does not have a high prey drive and likes smaller dogs to play with and is gentle.

He is a typical Lurcher so runs crazy then flops down. He is fully housetrained and has been good in the car up to 3 hours at a time. He can be brushed and doesn’t mind having grass seeds etc ( he is a hairy Lurcher) taken off of him.

Like lots of hairy young lurchers they can be wilful so he needs experienced owners who will train him and understand his lurchery ways. He also needs confident owners who will give him routine and lots of great adventures but also allow him to rest and snooze when he needs it.

Rufus is a young lurcher who is used to living in a home.  He will need someone around for most of the day – it would be unfair on him if you expected him to be fine whilst you were at work all day.

Rufus cannot not be rehomed to families with children.  We do not know his cat status and are currently  unable to get him cat tested.

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