gorgeous looking dog – was quitehard work to settle in – see owners comments below. Really annoyed owners refused to pay the adoption fee as theyhadnt actually put that much work in – they fostered first so did the try before you buy! then just refused to pay. Bumped into them in Deal a few months later and dog amazingnow fine with everything.

I have completed the adoption agreement and this is enclosed for your records. For your information Rusty has now begun to settle down and his true character is finally emerging – for some reason he seems to think he is king of all he surveys. Rusty has gained weight and his coat and overall condition have seen marked improvements over his appearance when we first took him on board just over 3 months ago. We have spent a considerable sum of money on training for Rusty, far more than we expected, to overcome his anxiety at being left and to curb his aggression towards other dogs, particularly smaller ones, and we can now leave him for short periods without worrying about the consequences upon our return. He can also now ‘socialise’ to a limited extent with other dogs he meets whilst he’s out walking with us and we will continue with the dog training lessons to improve his quality of life, particularly as he still has issues with our two cats, although we’re certain things will improve in time. We have spent far more than we anticipated in treating Rusty’s behavioural issues over the past three months and we would ask you to consider waiving the usual adoption fee on this occasion in favour of a smaller donation to your charity and your thoughts on this would be appreciated

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