Ally is such a pretty girl – she is currently in a foster home near Ashford as an only dog but she can live with other dogs as she enjoys their company.  Ally is an active, clever girl who  need new owners who enjoy being outdoors and walking.  She was found at a local beauty spot in Eire in a very distressed state, she was taken by a member of the public to a local vets, where initially there were concerns if she would make it, she was in a pitiful state, full of mange, malnourished. But just look at her today, she is restored to health, her coat is good, she has gained weight and is now looking forward to her new home.

Please don’t think lurchers are an easier option to a greyhound because they are smaller  Ally needs an active home as she will not be happy if she dosn’t get enough exercise or if she is left too much. But if you are the right environment for her you will have great  fun with this young lady


The lurchers often arrive at KGR via a dog pound so we do not know their history.   Some will be fostered in homes, in Ireland, for up to several months whilst waiting for their pet passport to be valid and for transport to be arranged.  We have a very good assessment of these dogs but we cannot guarantee they will behave the same way in your home.  Others will remain in kennels until they are ready to travel.  These dogs will be assessed once they arrive at KGR.  Dogs very much react to their surroundings and will behave differently for one owner than another – but amount of exercise you plan to give the dog and food also play an important part.

We use a best guestimate for the dogs age but this cannot be guaranteed.  Young dogs who have suffered emotionally and from lack of nutrition may flourish in a new home with good food  and grow – whereas some dogs may look older due to lack of nutrition and stress and may have the years literally fade away in a new home.    Cross breed dogs are more difficult to age than pedigrees, as there is no breed standard  to work from.

We cannot give an estimate of how big a puppy will grow – we do not definitely know their DNA so they will grow as big as nature decides.

We encourage all lurchers owners to take their dog to training classes to learn recall so they can run off lead.  Dogs very much react to their owners – if your dog is not behaving, then you need to take it to training classes.  Reading how to do it on the internet can actually make your dog worse if you do not understand the original problem. You need a dog trainer to look at you and your dog, and how you both behave, and then advise you how to fix the problem.    If you are not prepared to take your dog to training classes if their is a problem, then a lurcher is not the right dog for you.

Please do not mistake a lurcher for a small greyhound – thinking it is smaller so therefore easier.  Lurchers are bred for intelligence and stamina and will, in general, be a more time consuming option.  They will need you to provide them with more exercise and stimulation.  They are not suitable pets for families who do not have the time commitment.

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Please make sure you are in a position to adopt a dog, before completing the online adoption form. We are unable to hold onto dogs for more than a few days, once you have passed your homecheck.

We do rehome throughout the UK, so long as you are prepared to travel to meet the dog within a few days of applying for him and then again to adopt him, once you have passed your homecheck.

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