Sam is the greyhound in our “Save Sam Appeal” – he was just 16 weeks old back in January when we were first asked to help Sam. He was born as part of a litter destined to be racing greyhounds but he died inside of mum and had to be dragged out and brought back to life. Because of this one of his back legs was badly deformed (we think the muscle had snapped, breaking the knee joint) and his owner would not pay for the surgery needed to make him better.  So for the first 18 weeks nothing happenend.  If a rescue didn’t pick up the bills then he would have been be put to sleep by his owner. This is why we have launched the Save Sam appeal.

UPDATE 8th Feb 17

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – he is a gorgeous dog and really deserves the chance of life that you are giving him.

Sam is has been to few specialist vets in the past few weeks.  The first was very negative, so Sam went to see another on 1st February. This vet was much more positive and keen to come up with a solution for Sam.  He did say his problems were unique and most vets would never come across such a condition during their career.  So as at today the vet in Galway is discussing 3 medical options with another specialist vet in Dublin regarding one of the options and Noel Fitzpatrick regarding the others.  He may need to wait until he is older to have surgery – that is something the vets are discussing.

It looks as though it will be a long complicated road to recovery for Sam but he has so much support and love.  He is currently in a foster home in Ireland – the latest picture is of him roaching so we know he is happy and relaxed.

Update March 2nd

We have initial xrays and tests done in Ireland before it was clear he needed to come to the UK to see a specialist.  He arrived with us when he was about 24 weeks old & on arrival it became clear he could not use his damaged leg at all and that his other 3 legs were weak due to lack of movement. The plan originally was to have complex surgery to save the leg – he did have an appointment at Fitzpatrick Referral Vets, but after much consideration it was decided the only way forward was amputation as quickly as possible and then to start with intensive rehabilitation to make the other 3 legs work as normal.

Update April 14th

Sam has now recovered from the amputation and the wound has healed really well.  The problem we now face is he is a growing puppy and his legs & body are growing faster than his muscles are developing, so he is becoming very weak.  He will shortly start his hydrotherapy.  In the meantime he is really enjoying life in his foster home.

Update May 11th

We are now really quite worried about Sam as after an initail ability to get up and run about he has been imobile for the past week.  He just cannot get the strength needed in his 3 legs to push himself up.  Sams amputation was not like a normal dog who just has to learn to balance. Sam is a growing puppy and he has never really used his other legs as much as he would have done if he was fit and healthy.  He is having total bed rest, taking tramadol and metacalm to rest the legs.  It may be that the body is just too much to be supported by the muscles he has – or he may have injured himself. We just cannot tell.  But he is now having doggie massage for injuries to help the muscles, then it will be a combination of that plus hydrotherapy including an underwater treadmill plus we have a Tens machine which can stimulate the muscles to aid recovery.

He has a new harness specially made for him to help him get up and down – normal stuff just dosn’t work as he is very long and very skinny and he panics is the lift isn’t smooth.

So one by one we are overcoming the problems – but it will be a very very long and slow road to recovery. He is a very happy and contented puppy and we will give him everything he needs.

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Together we can help save Sam and give him the life he deserves.

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